Welcome!  I am thrilled for the opportunity to connect with you!  Check back often to learn about how yoga can bring out the best YOU!  

Fitness and nutrition have been important to me my entire life.  As a young girl, I spent hours in the back yard practicing cartwheels and back bends.  I was a cheerleader, runner, personal trainer and taught aerobics.  Through all of this I remained focused on healthy eating and daily exercise (do SOMETHING every day).  As I began my corporate career, I participated in onsite classes, cycling, and was introduced to yoga.  At the time, I viewed yoga as a "relaxation" day in my workout schedule.  A corporate move to metro Detroit in 2008 introduced me to skiing, and a 2013 knee injury while skiing provided the opportunity to bring more yoga into my life.  I joined a yoga studio and was hooked!  I was drawn to the love and kindness that I felt there, and the beautiful peace I felt after practice.  My teacher there, who is from India, focused on traditional hatha (breath-focused) practice.  I was so fortunate to begin my training under his guidance.  In my yoga practice I found the peace I had been seeking and became less competitive within myself and with others.  After years of working in a corporate environment, I realized how yoga can free our minds and bodies from hours of sitting at a desk placing ourselves out of alignment, both physically and mentally.  I decided to leave the corporate world and move back home to Tennessee with my husband and fur babies, deepen my yoga practice and learn to help others explore peace and strength within themselves.  I completed my yoga teacher training under Stephanie Keach and the most amazing people at Asheville Yoga Center, and I am a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.  I continue to deepen my yoga practice and expand my fitness knowledge through continuing education and participation in a variety of local group fitness classes in order to create the best Yoga 4 U!

I met a beautiful soul in a local fitness class, and she reintroduced me to a hula hoop!  It was so much fun that I followed her down that path and earned my FXP Fitness Hula Hoop® Teacher certification, which brings out the inner child in me!